Akros helps give you control and the confidence to make informed decision to increase your profits and/or reduce your risk by delivering unbiased and independent solutions.


We are truly independent, conflict of interest free and a valued advisor who is there to help.

  • Our Fiduciary Duty is the strictest duty of care recognized by the US legal system. Akros Fiduciary Management has been a Fiduciary since its inception, not by name or by getting a designation---but by legal statue.

  • Numbers and reports are a small part of what we do; our primary task is to educate our Clients as we want our Clients to understand the why and how so they can make informed decisions in their financial lives and be comfortable with their decision and the financial risks involved.

Fiduciary Advice

Taking Your Complicated Issues and Giving You Real Solutions

Akros Fiduciary Management is not a traditional "financial advisor" or "money manager" - we do not manage money and are not affiliated with any investment advisors or broker dealers.  We are Fiduciary Advisors to Investment Firms, individuals, and ERISA Plan Sponsors.  

Privacy:  Your information will be kept strictly confidential.

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